The session takes place with clothes on... so I invite you to wear soft and comfortable clothes.  A cloakroom is at your disposal, if necessary.

Your punctuality will be appreciated by all, to be able to respect the previous or next session.  

Cancellation: 24 hours before your appointment

The first interview lasts a little longer: about 60 to 75 minutes.  The following sessions last about 40 to 60 minutes.


Shiatsu is a therapeutic method that has no medical or paramedical claim. It is not a substitute for medical advice or drug treatment, but it can optimize its effects.


After each Shiatsu session, I advise my patients not to engage in any physical or stressful activities. Enjoy staying calm for the next two days after this session, hydrate to eliminate toxins, stay as much as possible in this gentle energy by doing as little as possible, by becoming internalized... 

The next day or two days after a treatment, when everything seemed to be going well. Don't be surprised to feel unpleasant sensations you didn't expect. Don't panic! In general, this type of reaction can occur during the first few sessions and rarely occurs again afterwards.

Give your body time to return to its normal balance.

Remember to welcome the word "convalescence".

"Transition period between the end of an illness and its treatment, and the patient's return to good physical and mental health. ”

In the meantime here are some tips:

  • Drink water. You can't imagine the healing benefits of water (Stop drinking alcohol)

  • Get some rest! Sleep is half the health.

  • Smile kindly at yourself.

  • Do not hesitate to place a hot water bottle.

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided, unless the pain is unbearable (do not suffer unnecessarily). These drugs reduce inflammation, and inflammation is the only tool available to the body to repair and restore balance.

  • Don't worry about it!  This situation will only be temporary and beneficial.