Dear patients,


Given the specific context linked to the coronavirus, I would like to inform you that all the protection and prevention measures are taken within the dojo in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. If however, on your side you consider yourself at risk, could you inform me in order to reschedule your appointment (s) as well as possible.


  • No waiting room, I'll open the door for you

  • Hand washing at the entrance with the gel available in the hall

  • Opening and closing of interior doors is done by myself

  • Payment by preferred bank (by app banking)


In practice:


  • The session takes place dressed ... I invite you to wear flexible and comfortable clothes.

  • Changing rooms will not be available - come dressed in advance.

  • Wearing the mask by the patient and by myself

  • Bring a towel for the head and possibly a blanket or plaid


To guarantee cleanliness and safety:


  • The clinches and the banister are frequently cleaned with an alcoholic spray

  • The toilet bowls also

  • The dojo is ventilated for at least 10 minutes between consultations

  • The dojo is cleaned every day with an alcoholic spray